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Cyprus Friday

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t get to finish my post yesterday. It was so late! We never get to bed here any earlier than midnight.
Laura told you about our shopping excursion in the Girne city center. It’s as picturesque as I thought it would be! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post any pictures; I discovered that daddy’s laptop, the only one we’re using, doesn’t have any sort of photo-editing program, so there’s no way we can make the pictures smaller. Anyway, the Girne shopping trip was quite fun. We had our only short meal I’ve ever had here at the port. I ordered a traditional Cypriot meal: a sandwich made from thick bread, “squeaky cheese (I forgot the real name),” and cucumber slices. Very good. Then we shopped around and bought some souvenirs. I discovered something about the guys here. They will very obviously stare at girls, and sometimes shout things to them or otherwise try to get their attention. This especially applies to foreigners, specifically those with long blonde hair. Alas.
Today we visited Lefcoşa/Nicosia, the split capital of Cyprus. We were going to go to the covered market, but we didn’t find it. However, we did find a mosque that had origionally been a cathedral called the Agia Sophia, not the one in Spain of course. But we couldn’t go in because there were two funerals going on. Then we had to go back to the hotel because some of the people needed to attend a meeting.
On the way rushing to the bus we heard the Muslim call to prayer. At first it sounded like someone had turned his radio on really loud, but then it echoed louder and louder and we could tell what it was. Arabic singing is really cool; all wavering around and fluctuating or whatever you call it. But even though 99% of the population is Muslim, everyone ignored it.
Another thing I must comment on is the driving. Everyone drives on the left side. Most of the streets are hardly wider than the alleys here, and people still walk in the middle of them and park on the sides of them. Sometimes our bus would pass within inches of a stopped car or walking child while traveling at breakneck speeds. And everyone drives like that! Seatbelts exist, but nobody uses them, so they often don’t even work.
This evening we went to a club called Camelot, which has a beach and a restaurant. The restaurant is called The Legend. The food was legendary. Really.
First, the waiter came to our table and asked me if I would like to drink coke or wine. Honestly, do they have a legal drinking age here? I’ve seen a girl my age drink wine. Then we started out the meal with the meses, the beginning of a traditional Turkish Cypriot meal. The meses are little dishes made from mashed or creamed or diced things mixed with herbs or sauces or other things. Some quite good and some not so enjoyable. And once we stuff ourselves with meses, they bring out some fried things. Some unidentifiable, but one was obviously fried squeaky-cheese. And then, when we were full to the brim, they brought out meat. And then more meat. Next some more meat. One of the meats they brought was beef, and it seemed to be in the shape of a tongue, so we thought maybe it was cow’s tongue, but then they brought out chicken exactly like it, and we thought maybe it wasn’t chicken tongue. After two or three hours of that, we saw a dessert buffet and thought maybe if we got some dessert they would get the idea and stop feeding us. All the desserts looked sooooo good (and believe me they were) that we just had to heap our plates full! And when we got back, there was more meat on our plates. Of course, we had to taste it.

And thus concludes our day. Whew! I’m going to bed. Good night!

Posted by milestogo 03:34

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I'm very disapointed about the pictures. Why doesn't my brother have a photo editing program? Perhaps you could download it from the camera's website! :) I was going to ask which side of the road they drove on...Do people use public transportation, or do they mostly drive cars? I think, if you keep eating all that "legendary food", you will be able to roll down the street. Just watch out for the buses. Do you see many tourists? Or are you the only girl there with long blonde hair? Maybe you could dye it. :-P

by OnTMolly

It's me again. I thought of a possible solution to your picture dilemma. Just set you camera for a smaller picture every so often. You wouldn't want to take all your pictures small, but you could just squeeze one in here and there for us to see! Do you think that would work? Get some rest!!

by OnTMolly

Mama said that she thinks they put more food on your plate as long as you eat it, but if you just leave your plate they will quit. I'm sorry about the pictures. i was looking forward to it!

by Divagal

Poor ole'E-Mama finally figured out how to comment. Actually I just stumbled on it after doing a bunch of stuff. Mammaw asked me to tell you your blog is delightful! I saved it to a document and gave it to her to read. I'll continue doing that. PaKen is impressed with your writing, too. As for me -- well I just love to hear about the wonderful things you're doing, the promises you have to keep and the miles to go before you sleep. Love you all 5, E-Mama

by e-mama

Not only is Mammaw reading your blog. I have printed it and sent it to Dot to read!!

by OnTMolly

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