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As Chloe has described our plane rides weren’t to terrible. After one regular night of sleep in the hotel I have recovered from the horrible jet lag. The hotel here is quite nice. We have a beautiful view from our balcony of the harbor. Haley, Chloe and I share a room next to mom’s and dads. I must say I enjoy it. :-D The food here is delicious! Breakfast and lunch you have not too much, but just enough of yummy homemade cooking. Supper on the other hand... They just keep bringing more and more food. Our dinner tonight only took two hours, but we’re told that they usually take four. So you sit down to eat at 7:00, and finish at 11:00. AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today we toured St. Hilarian’s Castle. It’s amazing!!! I climbed up by myself at first (with the rest of the group in sight behind me) so I could explore all the dark rooms in the quiet. Makes it so much more enjoyable! Just listening to your thoughts while wandering through the barrack, the royal apartments, kitchen, and watch towers, it really makes you think about what life must have been like back then. It was like a maze, it never ended in any direction. We just kept wandering around until we thought we had seen it all. Afterwards we went to lunch, and then went shopping for random things. Then we went to the hotel and went for a quick swim and got ready for the incredibly short supper which only lasted two hours!!! After supper we got an invitation to go disco dancing (with two teenage girls in our group and a few adults) this Saturday from 11:00p.m.-5:00a.m. on Sunday morning. Lol, I highly doubt we’ll be able to make it. (how do you “disco dance” anyway?!?!) But now I can say I’ve actually been invited to one!
Well I must bid thee farewell for now, Chloe is restlessly walking up and down our small floor behind me griping at how late it is. (1:15a.m., it’s 4:15p.m. where you guys are) I’m “supposed” to get up early tomorrow so we can go for an early swim in the hotel pool. (Haven’t been to the beach yet, hopefully we will in a few days. We’re on a “strict” schedule with our group from the university.) Love ya lots!!!

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Flight to Cyprus

Arriving in Kyrenia/Girne, Cyprus

Our adventure began on the 29th, exactly as planned. We left our house at six in the morning (gasp!) and went to the airport. We went through baggage check easily, and waited to board. We brought all our luggage as carry-on, so we had to squish our clothes up and lug everything around, which was unfortunate considering that my suitcase doesn’t have wheels.
The first flight was great. One hour to St. Louis on a little plane; I don’t know what kind, the kind with 18 rows and three seats in each row. We landed in St. Louis, and boarded another plane of the same sort, but with more leg room. That one was two hours, and we flew to Raleigh-Durham in Raleigh North Carolina.
After four or six hours in Raleigh, we boarded the big plane; a 777. The take of was pretty unimpressive because I couldn’t see out any of the windows; we were all in the middle. But then we thought it was pretty cool; they had movies on our personal TV’s, and a choice of music, and so forth. Also, they had four bathrooms! We don’t even have that in our house, But of course we don’t have as many people to wait in line. That flight was six hours to London, and we were going to sleep on that one and stay awake all the way to Cyprus to help adjust to jet lag. But, light sleeper as I am, I was only able to doze off once or twice while I watched a diagram of our air plane approaching London on the big screen and listened to golden oldies with two heavy-sleeping sisters konked out on either side of me. Nonetheless, we were all chipper in the morning when we had British tea with cream and landed in London! But we took one look outside, saw that the clouds were just as cloudy, the grass was just as grassy, the trees were just as treeish, and the sky was just as blue as America, so we decided we were gypped and went back home. Just kidding!
We spent most of our layover in London standing in line at the Immigration Passport Control, because the line was about fifty billion miles long. But then we got our passports stamped, so it was worth it.
After spending some time wandering around the vast Gatwick airport, we boarded a 737 to Turkey. It was with the Kipris Turk airlines (Cyprus Turkish) so all the announcements were made first in Turkish, then in English that was just as unintelligible. We flew over Europe, and except for the channel, part of France, and later what I think was the black sea, it was all an endless desert of cloud as far as the eye can see. This was too bad because we could have seen some really cool things, except they didn’t allow cameras on at all. When we landed in Turkey, more than half the passengers removed themselves, but we weren’t supposed to leave because we were going on to Cyprus. We only got one picture of Turkey; out of the Airplane window, but it was a Turkish sunset, so that made up for the deprivation.
More Later,

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Hotel picture

Hey everyone! Here's a picture of the hotel where we'll stay:


And "homestar" (AKA Bryce Pudding hahaha!), in response to your comments: Yes, you are the only one who has commented our travel blog. But a certain tool on this website tells me how many times the blog has been viewed, and that number is well over 70! In any case, thanks for commenting. :)

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Last Minute preparations

So we're leaving the 29th. And our anticipation is only increased by the hustle and bustle of last minute preparations, such as learning a few words in Turkish, making sure we have all the clothes we need, figuring out who will water our plants, etc.

We've also figured out our flight schedule. It goes something like this: Tulsa to St. Louis, St. Louis to somewhere else in the US that's not NY, that place to London, and London to Cyprus. On our way there we won't stay in London very long; that'll wait until our trip back.

As we plan what we'll do and see in Cyprus, keep in mind any of you can ask us to take pictures of any particular thing you want to see. To comment on this blog you have to be a member, but it's free, they don't ask for loads of info or send you lots of emails, and you aren't required to have a blog. If you click on "comments" below there'll be a link where you can join. There are three major castles in Cyprus; I know we'll see at least one of them, considering we'll stay across the street from it. There's also a fantabulous beach, picturesque port, Othello's Tower (Othello by Shakespeare was set in Cyprus), and bunches of other things. And now I won't write anything else until we're actually ready to leave. Ciao!

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Leaving a week from monday

Can't wait.....

sunny 35 °C

Our travel was delayed... obviously...but this time we're not leaving on a tuesday, the superstitious "bad luck" day for some Cypriots. I think it has something to do with the fall of Rome. Anyway, we've been shopping for travel clothes and getting our suitcases out and other travel prep things. No pictures yet, of course. More later!

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